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Jesus Patrick Christ Arashic was super porta awesome. I personally havn't ever been to a concert...well I sorta have but that was a looong time ago and not quite a real concert. But, this, THIS was amazing. It was fun and tiresome and pretty and all those things I expected plus more.
First thing we found out was that our seats weren't quite seats at all. We actually just had to go and stand anywhere on the walkway part that lead to the seats. So we did end up standing the entire time. At first I was a bit miffed about it, but as soon as the concert started I couldn't give a damn about it, I was just super happy to be there.
Arashi started the concert in pink suits singing "Kitto Daijoubu." I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had these big beautiful screens covering the back of the stage, which featured moving rainbows and graphics that perfectly brought out the happy feeling I got from watching the PV. After that was a song neither Kaille or I had heard before so I can't identify it, but I really like it. There was a moving stage they used many a time, which was great for us because our section was exactly opposite the stage; making us the farthest away. Seeing Arashi up close was... great. It was almost as if I could finally confirm that yes, these are real guys and yes, I am really here. I can't remember the set list and I don't feel like looking it up right now but I was very pleased with the transitions from song to song.
"Itsuka no Summer" was sung by just Aiba and Sho. MatsuJun's solo with Nino on electric guitar was fwacking awesome. MatsuJun was having a ball being flamboyant and semi-sexy and Nino really rocked the guitar. The MCs were super cute despite me understanding much less than I would have liked to. At one point Ohno had something like a hair that was on his jacket, so as he was talking Nino came up and started messing with it trying to get it off. Ohno batted him off and told him to stop, but Nino when back to removing it anyway. There was talk of manga with the mentioning of Death Note (by Sho), One Piece (by Aiba and MatsuJun), and something else I can't remember the name of. Ohmiya segement was just the way I like it, fluffy, funny, and squee inducing. That was followed by the MC where they answered fan questions which was absolutely hillarious. Aiba wanted to do everything as a skit. The second skit was the best, answering the question of how they'd tell their date about a booger in her nose. First was Sho and MatsuJun, MatsuJun being the girl. I'm kind of blanking on the skit itself between them but I assure you it was great. Then it was Nino and Ohno, Ohno being the girl. They were all adorable and lovey dovey with Ohno being a hysterical girl. Aiba's turn was next who was going to pair off with MatsuJun but MatsuJun told him to do it with Ohno so he did. Ohno proceeded to be a snotty girl who was not pleased with anything and sorta killed me ded with his bitchy expressions.
In the second half of the concert there were two medley's of songs including "Na!Na!Na!","Eyes With Delight" and others I can't place right now. The audience dancing along and randomly getting to sing parts where the guys dropped out was really cute. I'm a whore for audience participation. XD My favorite song of the Arashic CD was "Cool&Soul" and was also my favorite song of the concert. HOLY HELL WAS IT FANTASTIC. They were sitting at a table with microphones like in the CD book and the spotlight would shine on whoever was rapping at the time. The front of the desk also lit up and the more into the song they got the more they would do when their rapping part came along. The all ended up on the table and at the last part they came out front and danced. BUT GUH, I LOVED IT SO. Right after that song I was super hoping they release this concert on DVD. Another fun song was "Love Parade" because the dancing was tap dance-like and suited the big band sound of the song well.  They also all came down the stairs singing. which I felt could have  only been cooler  if they had had canes.
Ohh I forgot! At the beginning during one of the songs they had these lights strung down over the top of the stage and it looked really pretty, like stars. They used them again in "Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy" and again another time. I really liked those. :3 OOH AND "AOZORA PEDAL"! It was preeetttyyyy. I fully plan on ordering the single now. Sho even had his own singing part. I hoorah-ed at that.
I really enjoyed the encores, especially "The Fight Song". I have a real soft spot for that song and then of course being followed by "A.Ra.Shi" proved for much happiness.
I skipped a bunch and just mentioned the things that stuck out to me so you'll have to forgive the randomness of it. La,la,la. So yes, it was amazing +4. I really, really hope they release it on DVD so I can relive it again. ^____^
satisfied satisfied
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On July 23rd, 2006 06:27 pm (UTC), umbrellaofdoom commented:
*__* Yay, me and Sho like the same manga! <3
I'm so glad you guys had a good time there! ^__^
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On July 24th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC), mommasan_eeek commented:
Too much FUN!!! Also: Did you see this? & Satori!!
Hi, Girls,
We're exhausted thinking of you standing throught the entire concert, but know you would do it again, given the opportunity! I happened across the following comment in a corner of the blog and because I'm totally lost, wondered if you saw it, and did you meet up the girls?

"Hi!!! Well first of all I'm Carla, Spanish girl that loves Arashi too.
I'm writting to you because I saw few days ago that you're going to the Yokohama concert of Arashi. Me and too more girls will going to Tokyo and whant to try to go to the concert ( the 22th or 23th) and we wanted to know more about you because if we can be friends ( and if you don't matter) go there together.
We haven't have the tickets yet ( we will buy theme there when we arrive to Tokyo that this will be 17th) say something if you want or only say no if you're not interested and sorry for trouble you ^^" "carla_chan "

Also, Campion said to tell you, Kaille, that fourteen people have asked where you were and why weren't you at Satori?!? They miss you, including Marcus and another guy, whose name Camp supplied but has simply evaporated into thin air. Oh, well, Camp can tell you later. Love, mum

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On July 25th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
your blog is so awesome. i hope when i go to japan one day it'll be as exciting as yours XDDD

the arashi cconcert sounds amazing :O
lucky lucky
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On July 25th, 2006 05:18 pm (UTC), honooko replied:
Japan is impossible NOT to have adventures in! XD You never know when you might accidentally end up in Chiba... XD

It really was~! ♥ And yeah, Chiyo has amazing skillz with Yahoo!Japan. Thanks for the comment!
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