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oretachinotabi's Journal

Oretachi no tabi - Two girls in Tokyo
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これはなに?//what is this?
This is the travel blog of kitsch_brigade and honooko, as they adventure around the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama for two glorious weeks.

だれですか?//who are you?
kitsch_brigade (Chiyo) is eighteen, and a resident of the beige state of Arizona. She reads Japanese really well, but due to a formal education, speaks like an old lady.

honooko (Honooko) is also eighteen, and a resident of the grey state of Washington. She speaks Japanese decently, but due to her habit of conversing with teenage boys, she speaks like a somewhat crude male.

They're cousins, and both will be attending universities in Oregon this coming fall. きんちょする〜!

We're young, and travelling in these HUGE cities by ourselves. Frankly, our parents are kind of twitchy about it. Honooko figures at least this way, they can read along and confirm we're alive.

As for why we're going... well, why not? We love all things Japanese, and have for a combined amount of ten years. Plus, our chosen majors require at least one semester of study in Japan, and it seemed like a good idea to make sure we can survive there.

みていい?//may we watch?
Sure! Anybody can watch or comment, just only we will be posting here. And this isn't really a comm to become a member of; it's more just something you read!