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Last couple of days we sorta just lazed around. We decided to go…

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Last couple of days we sorta just lazed around. We decided to go Animate the other day and fumbled around muchly trying to find it. We asked for directions a couple of times because everyone had different ways of telling us how to get there... and we couldn't find some of the landmarks they were talking about. XD We finally got the best directions from a Conbini clerk and we were off. I was semi disappointed with the selection there, though they had some of the Myu Boys Photobooks and DVDs. There were some cute cinepuri stickers and I they had about 6 of the Myu dvds. I died a little when I saw them because I wanted them all so bad.

The weather lately has been very nice, switching between rain and just overcast. It's a great difference from Phoenix weather and I'm releshing having moisture in the air. Sadly, my hair seems to like to look like crap all the time. I do have semi-curly hair and it curls on it's own in dry Phoenix but the ringlets it is doing here are fugly. It's flat on top and then tight ringlets with lots of little flyaways. I don't use any hair products so managing it is pretty much impossible unless I get some. Bleh. It's not a good look. I'm thinking that if I straighten it and then let it get curly from the humidity it will be better curls, so I might try that when I'm not so lazy. XD
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