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Well Honooko pretty much covered everything for the last few days. I just have a few things to add before I move on to today and magical *pnish*. First while we were in Shibuya, just outside of the station there was a rapping salesman. On a speaker. For all to hear. He was immediately added to "My Heroes" list. Also Honooko mentioned Arashi was still at the top of the Oricon charts and said to remember this but never told you why. It was just because later on in Shinjuku we saw "Kitto Daijoubu" on one of the big screens. It was hot. Then in Yokohama I said that millions of people were at the fireworks, which really I seemed to have totally made up. In reality it is somewhere between 500,000 to 1 million people. Still a ton of freaking people, but  not quite as insane and you may have previously imagined.  The fireworks were insanely pretty, with times where there were so many that everything was almost completely lit up. Sadly I forgot my camera before we left so I didn't get to take any pictures. *sadface* My feet were feeling murdurous when I made it home, and now I have some lovely battle wounds to show for it.  Now, on to *pnish*!!

Being in the theatre was one of the weirdest feelings I have ever felt. Especially after Daiki and Kujirai came on stage I just... couldn't seem to wrap my head around this being a real live event involving me being in the same room as them. XD Being able to see Treasure Box live was really just magical in itself, not even including that super awesome story and characters and costumes and... you get the idea :P Tuti's role was really great and insanely hilarious. Him and his kirakira posse always made me laugh despite that fact that quite a few of the times I am pretty sure I didn't get the jokes. XD I was quite impressed with Kujirai's acting and I was very happy to be able to see him on stage outside of Tenimyu. Despite the large cast, I never felt that there were just too many characters. Each one had their place and equal amounts of time on stage. I super adored upon Daiki with the googles on his head and Wasshi with the lack of more than a vest as a shirt. Mmmmm... smexy. ^^ I was a bit sad about Eiji's character Rie being so serious all the time...but that was mostly because the things he said tended to go over my head. All in all the play was really great and something I plan on owning on DVD soon.

By the end of Treasure Box I still hadn't quite gotten over the "OMG REAL" feeling, but *pnish* seemed oh so happy to snap me out of it reeeeal quick. XD As soon as the Talk event started it had settled in. The Talk event was really cute and I loved hearing about their trip to Taiwan. Seeing them interact like they do in the backstages  in front of me was a real treat. Watching them and hearing them slightly shifted my previous created images in, but it was all for the better. After the talk and what seemed like forever it was finally time for handshaking! I was nervous out of my mind and totally forgot most everything I had planned to say. First was Wasshi who was... insanely nice. INSANELY NICE. He clasped my hand and shook, telling me about he was happy I came and if I had fun. Obviously I answered in the affirmative. He really is even better looking and more sincere in person. Then it was on to Daiki. By this time I had semi gathered my bearings and managed to talk about seeing Treasure Box and coming from America. He was enthusiastic about me coming to see Treasure Box and before I went on held out his fist and I got to do the fist-hit-thing I can't seem to be able to remember how to describe. You know the manly high five thing with your fists? That... I obviously fail at descriptions, but seriously it was the BEST THING EVER. If I had to choose, Daiki would be my favorite of *pnish* so that sorta made me die a little fangirly death right there. Next was Eiji who immediately asked about my Japanese and I was able to respond I knew a bit and had seen Treasure Box earlier. He took it upon himself to tell me that Panic Days 2 was a "photo book. Beautiful picture" in English. I told him that I actually have Panic Days 1 at home and was excited to see the new one. Eiji was super nice and heartwarming which I didn't expect. I assumed he was nice, but he was over-the-top wonderful. Then it was on to Tuti who said my name, handed me the book where I almost walked away without getting a handshake. XD Luckily he held out his hand right before I turned to walk off. I would have beaten myself up later if I had managed to do such a thing. I blame the giddy daze I was in. I walked out to Honooko whereupon we hugged and squealed like little girls.

On the way home my giddy daze sorta almost took us ..... rather far away XD We got on the train home and I failed to pay attention to the stops, so we managed to make it almost halfway to Chiba before Honooko said something and we got off and headed back.

PS I didn't make the connection that the signed copy of TobePani would be a new copy alltogether so I now have two copies. If anyone wants the photobook when I get home I'll ship it off to you for cheap cheap. Let it be known that on the "secret pictures" pages I accidentaly tore the edges a bit trying to get the perforated part  open.
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