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We slept in later that yesterday, so we missed breakfast. But it didn't really matter, because we just grabbed drinks in Shibuya Station. We went to GAIN first, but it didn't open for another half hour, so we hit Tower Records.

One thing that keeps striking me is that where at home, one floor is plenty for one store, here? SEVEN. They turn everything in a department store! I bought ARASHIC and Wat: Sousogu Time, amd Chiyo bought a shiny magazine with Arashi in it. And we were pleased to see that ARASHIC has kept it's #1 spot on the Oricon Charts! Remember this, as it will come into play again later.

After killing enough time, we darted off to GAIN. Tencho-san was amused to see us again, but... oh no! The shirts were gone! I asked if he had any more (and was proud for being able to somewhat get my point across) and he checked in various cubbies around the store, but to no avail. I explained that it was for a friend, and after some debate, decided to get her a tank top instead. Chiyo chickened out on asking for a picture though. On the walk back to the JR station, I experienced my first anti-gaijin prejudice, sadly. They hand out tissues because everybody is sweating like mad, but they refused to give me a package, explaining with "Japanese only".

After that, our mission in Shibuya had ended, so we hopped on the JR to Harajuku! Harajuku is my favorite place so far; it's a lot like Seattle's Capital Hill. It's a really diverse area full of tiny shops, including... the Johnny's Store! Johnny's Entertainment is a tremendously huge, tremendously powerful agency that has such well-known bands as SMAP, Tokio, V6, Kinki Kids, Arashi, KAT-TUN, and Kanjani8 under their label. Johnny's is notable for being all boys, which means that they cater to female fans like nobody's business. The store is hot pink, full of totally random stuff with the guys' pictures plastered all over the place, and PHOTOS! It's really an ingenius system; You select the band you want, then walk around the room, and pick the pictures you want. Each photo has a number, and when you've written down the ones you want, you take it to the counter where they ring you up and give you your pictures. The random crap was pretty awesome, though. I mean, I could think of nothing I wanted more than Arashi stick-on nails!

Actually, I can. I got a clear fan, and a pillowcase. And photos. Because, really. ARASHI.

It was when we came out of the Johnny's store that it started to rain. Japan has really funny storms; it will literally thunder and lightening and pour rain for about ten minutes, then stop. But the thunder was insanely loud, so we bought an umbrella and went to a toy store.

...Well, it made sense to us.

Kiddy Land is a really awesome toystore. Seven floors, and despite being a toystore, was packed with teenagers. And I can't blame them; everything was adorable. I bought a washcloth with a frog on it, that says he likes to sing. ♥

After Kiddy Land, we hit a Wendys for frostys, and then I reminded Chiyo that the Yokohama Port Festival is TOMORROW, and she still didn't have a yukata. So we went down to Shinjuku.

Shinjuku was... kind of scary. Shinjuku station is the busiest train station in the world, and I believe it. It was really, really intimidating just finding the exit. But we did, and we found a depato, and Chiyo bought SUCH a pretty yukata, I can barely believe it. It's lovely. We conversed with the sales lady helping her in Japanese, and only got confused once.

After that, we were exhausted, so we came back to the ryokan, where our ARASHIC tickets were waiting for us! And now we're off to a combini for dinner. YAY!
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On July 15th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC), mommasan_eeek commented:
Any Pics yet?
Any chance you guys can get some pics? If you think of it, pick up a disposable! It sounds as though you're have a fabulous time :) Love, m
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On July 17th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC), yaoikitten commented:
Nobody handed us any tissues when we were in Japan. We had a 100% Japanese in our group, and if he was by himself he would get lots but if he was with us they would ignore him too. It didn't really bother me much, since it made sense to me. The whole point of them is advertisement, so why give them to someone who can't read/understand/partake of your product? Japan is not as liberal as America, so they do stuff like that. ^_^

My only anti-gaijin prejudice I experienced was on the subway (weird looks, two men standing right in front of me and talking about me until I said "Sumimasen, nihongo ga dekiru yo.") and the old ladies in the lingerie department of daimaru (which is probably because of the american breasts, but still they avoided us!)
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