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WOW. Good day today, my friends.

As Chiyo mentioned, we made it safely to the ryokan (I did not, in fact, sleep the night before I left, so I was running 27 hours without sleep, which makes it even more amazing that I was able to use those asian-style toilets successfully on my first try!). But we were DEAD upon arrival, because we'd dragged our bags through the JR stations, and those things have many, many stairs. We also were able to buy our tickets with no difficultly at all; something which took an (admittedly slow) aquantience three days to do. Proud? Why, yes. Yes we are.

We found the ryokan (which, Sam, is really really cool, despite being tiny. You'd like it, if you... could fit comfortably. Which you couldn't) is managed in the afternoons and evenings by a very attractive young man named Jen, who speaks perfect English. He is really, really attractive. Really. And we looked gross and sweaty from the walk, but... wow. We WILL be getting a picture with him, because it's difficult to explain exactly how good-looking his is.

...That was a whole paragraph on Jen. HAHAHA.

However, it's worth noting that everyone in this country is unfairly attractive. I've realized that I am forever ruined for American men, and most women, because they have nothing on the young Japanese. Chiyo and I will do one of two things upon spotting these people; we will either nudge the other, or (if we've been talking) will suddenly make a whimpering sound. It's really amazing how we haven't gotten used to it.

We had QUITE the adventure today, let me tell you. We first went down to breakfast, which is basically all the guest getting together in the small lobby/kitchen area, and the staff tells you to pick one of the meal options, and then you eat! It's cheap AND tasty! Then we hopped on the train to Omotesando! We looked through a store called "Oriental Bazaar", looking for yukatas. Chiyo found an ADORABLE little set for Abbey, and I got some white tabi socks (and a "FIGHTING SPIRIT" head band, for finals), but we weren't enamoured with any of the yukata, so we went on to Omotesando Hills Shopping Mall. Another place Sam would love. The building is triangular, and you wind your way up through it, it's really amazing. Unfortunately, everything there was SUPER expensive, so we left and went one station down the Ginza Line to...

SHIBUYA! We wandered around a bit once there (I saw the Shibuya 109 building!), because Shibuya is like NYC; lots and lots and lots of buildings, totally random street placement, and so much advertising, it's like having a seizure. Plus the sheer amount of people in the middle of the day? Amazing. We did see Hachiko, but in our distraction, didn't pat him. But we'll be going back tomorrow, so I WILL pat him. Once we found the department store we were looking for, we headed straight for the yukata department, and I bought the prettiest yukata ever. It's purple, and I got some really awesome geta, and a sunshine yellow obi! The woman helping us was so sweet; she let me try it on, and she brought me all the things I'd need. Then, she asked in English where we were from, and we said America, and she darted off somewhere and came back with a little booklet that tells you (in English, with CARTOONS!) how to put the yukata on AND tie the obi!♥ She was really sweet.

Then we went to GAIN, which is a small boutique that one of our actor-boys designs for. Now, when I say 'small boutique', I don't mean small in selection. I mean small in SIZE. The entire store is about 4'x3'. TINY. The brand we were looking for, Nagayan's, is called 'blossam', and when we walked in, we didn't see any blossam stuff at all. Then Chiyo pointed at something, and INSANTLY, we recognized a shirt that has gone down in infamy as the Best Shirt Ever, because it was a collboration between TWO of the guys. We'd been told they were sold out, and thusly gone forever, but no! There they were! I grabbed one for my friend Court, and went to pay. The store manager was checking me out, since... he's the only one there, and Chiyo slid open the drawers in the table the shirt was on. Inside? blossam tank tops and socks! So I grabbed one of the tank tops too, because I adore them, and Tencho-san (Manager) realizes we're Nagayan fans, and asks if we're going to his current play 'Switch' (which he was wearing a t-shirt for). We said no, the tickets were too expensive, and he mentioned TeniMyu and Bleach, the plays we HAVE seen. Then, in the sweetest move since... ever, he pulls out the drawer of socks (3 colors, 3 pairs per bundle) and says, "Presento! Presento!"

That's right. We got free blossam socks. Even Chiyo, who didn't buy anything! We thanked him profusely, and once outside, decided that he really was the best person ever, and that we should have offered him blowjobs or something. We will be going back tomorrow, because Nacchi wants a shirt too.

We then hit two more department stores looking for a yukata for Chiyo, but she's super picky, and thusly we didn't find one yet.

We need dinner at some point here, but we're all comfortable in our air-conditioned room. Because, you see, Tokyo is a city that has so much smog, I thought it was overcast for all of yesterday. As it turns out, that grey-yellow sky is SMOG. So the entire city is experiencing the greenhouse effect; at 9am this morning, it was at 81% humidity. My hair is... not cooperating. It's not even that HOT, really; only the low 80's. But the humidity makes it so that everything, everything sticks. Fortunately, the Japanese advertising folks have devised an ingenius way of taking advantage; they hand out fans with ads on them. So by 1pm, Chiyo and I both had fans from... some cellphone company. Fans = my new best friend. But this also means that when we get back to the ryokan, when Jen is here? We're pretty gross. SADFACE.

Tomorrow after GAIN, we're hitting Harajuku, which is gonna be amazing in itself, because Harajuku is a huuuge place for fashion, and it's the weekend. YAY!

...I wonder if there's a non-weird way to ask Tencho-san to take a picture with us.

P.S. Futon are the most amazing things ever.
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On July 14th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC), mommasan_eeek commented:
Blow-Jobs = Kathy Griffin
You've been watching too much tv, young lady. Anyways, free socks- cool! Remember what Grandma and Maureen do: discard underwear and socks after you have used them. Then you have a little space for purchases. Did you bring anything you can leave behind? It sounds like your having a wonderfully sticky time. Yey!! Love-m
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On July 16th, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC), yaoikitten commented:
So this play that Nagayan is doing, 'Switch,' is that based on the manga? I picked up the first volume of Switch when I was in Japan and it has been really good. I would recommend the play if it is the same one. <3
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